Zardozi embroidery: For a rich and timeless addition for your wardrobe

Zardozi embroidery is beautiful metal embroidery, which once used to embellish the attire of the Kings and the royals in India. Zardozi embroidery work involves making elaborate designs, using gold and silver threads. Zardozi itself means gold embroidery where “Zar” is gold and “dozi” means embroidery.Further adding to the magnificence of the work are the studded pearls and precious stones. It was also used to adorn walls of the royal tents, wall hangings and also regal elephants and horses.

History of Zardozi

Zardozi is a persian form of embroidery that attained its summit under the patronage of Mughal Emperor Akbar, In the 17th century.Under the rule of Aurangzeb,There was a decline of the craft. Since the cost was high and raw materials quite rare, craftsmen could not carry on with the embroidery on their own. 

Many craftsmen in Delhi left and went to the courts of Rajasthan and Punjab in search of work. With the industrialization, the craft suffered another setback. It was only after receiving independence in the year 1947 that the Indian government undertook steps to promote Zari embroidery. 


The method involved in Zardozi

The process of doing Zardozi embroidery starts with the craftsmen sitting around the wooden framework, with their tools. The tools include curved hooks, needles,gold wires, metal stars, round-sequins, glass & plastic beads,and thread (dabkaa) . The next step in the process is to trace out the design on the cloth, if possible fabrics like silk, satin, velvet, etc. The fabric is then stretched over the wooden frame and the embroidery work begins. Needle is used to pull out each zardozi element and then, it is integrated into the basic design by pushing the needle into the fabric.


   Zardozi work and saadgi 

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