Murri Stitch Revealed: Enchanting Artistry of Chikankari world


Ever heard of Chikankari embroidery from Lucknow, India? It's like an ancient treasure of sewing magic. Inside this treasure chest, there's a stitch called "Murri". Let's peek into this magical murri stitch and see how it makes Chikankari embroidery even more special.

What exactly is murri stitch?   

Think of tiny pearls gently placed on cloth, making lovely patterns. Murri  does just that! An "Aari" or "Maggam" needle helps create small, bumpy dots that look like pearls. That's why they call it "Murri," which means "pearl" in Hindi.

The process of murri:

To make this stitch, a crafty person uses a special needle to pull thread through the cloth, making a small loop. They tie a little knot to keep it in place, and there you have a raised dot! These dots come together to make pretty designs as a result in Chikankari.

The glamor of it:

But Murri isn't only about looking nice. When light touches these raised dots, they make shadows and highlights, like a 3D picture. People often use Murri with other stitches like "Bakhiya" and "Phanda" to make beautiful patterns.

Learning Murri stitch takes time and practice. Skilled crafters work with the Aari needle for years. Each dot they make shows their hard work and love for embroidery.


Adding Murri stitch to Chikankari turns regular fabric into something amazing. It can decorate wedding clothes, sarees, and even modern outfits. Murri stitch makes clothes feel elegant and timeless. So, the next time you see Chikankari embroidery, take a moment to admire the Murri stitch – it's like a sprinkle of pearls on fabric,as a result making Chikankari even more enchanting!