Mukaish work: The Enchanting Craft That Adorns Fabric with Stardust

saadgi muskesh work

In the world of fabrics, there's a magical craft called "Mukaish work" that adds stardust-like beauty to cloth. This ancient art from India turns ordinary fabric into something that sparkles and shines like stars in the sky.

Mukaish work and past of it

Mukaish, which comes from a word meaning 'to resemble', is about putting tiny shiny pieces on fabric. These shiny bits, usually made of silver, catch the light and make the fabric look magical. Imagine a piece of cloth that glitters like a starry night!

A long time ago, kings and queens wore clothes with Mukaish work to look fancy and special. But today, this special craft is still alive. Skilled makers carefully sew each shiny dot by hand, making the fabric look really pretty.

The aliveness of mukaish work in modern era

Mukaish isn't just about looking nice. It's also about keeping stories alive. Families have passed this craft down through many years. It shows how people can make beautiful things with their hands, and it connects us to the past.

Even now, Mukaish is used in fashion to add elegance. Fashion designers use Mukaish to make clothes that mix old and new styles. You can find it on traditional sarees and even modern dresses,  and making them feel like art you can wear.

Bollywood appearance in mukaish work

saadgi muskesh work

It has not been very rare when Bollywood celebrities are spotted wearing clothes that include mukaish work whether to celebrity weddings, events and parties. One of the most iconic appearances in mukaish saree is made by Kriti sanon at the Ambani Ganesh Pooja.

The heavenly combo of Chikankari and mukaish work

Originating from Lucknow, The city of Nawabs, Both art work separately hold a sense of warmth in stylists and people’s hearts. Individually being a masterpiece, these works when combined together make an appealing and beautiful piece of art work and outstand other art work types easily.


Mukaish work isn't just a craft; it's like a magical doorway. Each shiny dot tells a story of beauty and wonder. It reminds us that art can turn simple fabric into something as precious as stardust.