Keel Kangan Stitch: The Underrated Art in Chikankari World

Keel kangan stitch The underrated art in chikankari world by saadgi

In the world of Chikankari Art, There are 32 types of Stitches in order to bring out a completely irresistible masterpiece that not only looks immensely beautiful but also is blissful to the viewer's eyes. One of the many unique stitches that holds its importance is Keel Kangan Stitch.

History of Origin:

The Keel Kangan stitch is a prominent part of Chikankari Embroidery, originating in Lucknow, India. It's a delicate technique where diagonal stitches resembling fish scales are meticulously created. This stitch adds intricate texture to fabrics, reflecting the finesse of hand-embroidered artistry that has been a cultural heritage for generations.

More of Keel Kangan:

The art to adorn floral motifs and petals on cloth using embroidery is basically what Keel Kangan comprises. Among the other most prominently used stitches such as Bakhiya, Tepchi, etc This stitch might go unnoticed but the matter of fact is that it holds the same importance in Chikankari as others. The touch of charm that these small patterns add to a piece is what it should be known for.  

Saadgi’s attempt at Keel Kangan stitch:

Keel kangan stitch The underrated art in chikankari world by saadgi

 This Chikankari Kurti Top range by Saadgi consist of various art stitches like Keel Kangan, Hool etc. but the charm of it is irresistible. This range comes in various array of colors- Rose pink Coral pink ,yellowblue.